Altezza vs Ultra vs USA imports

  • Hi all :)
    After years of being a little girly biker i've finally got my car licence and bought the car i've been perving over for years but never thought i'd actually own - a red, 1997 1.8v6 - and i'm OBSESSED with it! I paid £1500 for her, 85k on the clock, immacualte inside and runs beautifully. Think i was possibly ripped off - but it was love at first sight…

    So, 2 questions if i may:
    I want to change the lights - tail-lights first and then maybe headlights later - but i'm on a budget. I've seen really nice lexus style ones on ebay that can be shipped from the USA £68 + £22 P+P. The Altezza ones from here in the uk seem to be a bit cheaper, but i've heard they suffer condensation forming on the inside? Or theres the 'Ultra' ones - are they really worth £175?!
    Secondly, when i bought the car, it'd gone that pink haze that old cars do, so i've T-Cut it, and its come up great, apart from the plastics which now look mismatched :( Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help - much appreciated :)

  • allright mate i got some black lexus lights, l/h has condeensation if u want to save some money you can have them for 30 plus p+p, im sure you can get the condensation out, i took them off cos my cars green and smoked lights look better on it….. :D

  • Got any pics?

  • if you give your email ill take some pics for you :)


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