Alarm and Imob for a 1.8 V6

  • hello everyone

    got a big problem the car i am about to buy off my mate has a issue well the car has sat for about 9 months. At the weekend i just some pump cables on to here and she fired up with no problem. So i thought as the car has been sat for a wile it will need the battery charged so i charged the battery up last night and put it on today turned the key and nothing no lights exsept the light on topnear the sterring wheel the one that flashes red. So thinking it was the key that need reprogramming or that the imob has kicked in need to sort it out. Then i put the jump leads back on and she fired up again i if i am not wrong the battery is nackered but the red light does not turn off and even when running the alarm is screaming and can not turn it off. I have out a new battery in the remote and the light flashes but does not lock the car does nothing to it what so ever. with that the hazard lights are flashing wile the alram is going off

    has anyone got any ideas show to fix this problem i have tryed reprograming the remote no luck.

    thank you

  • i am in dire need of help here guys the remote just dont work i willring mazda tomorrow and see what they say any ideas from you guys

  • Is it an aftermarket alarm? i'd suggest getting a new car battery, im surprised it holds any charge, but most alarms will set off when the car battery is low

    if it fails, then i suggest disconnecting/ripping the alarm out

    you may want to construct your sentences a little better to help with your other problems

  • i am just thinking shorly the remote should work but i guess the it will not if the battery is shit

  • Yeah first step get a new battery on it, should sort it out.

  • new battery, 99% sure.

    My alarm used to go off on my Corrado when the battery was low, and the central locking went berserk.

    BTW, update your profile Nic so people know where you are. You might be round the corner from another member who could help. I have a spare battery sat here, just in case I ever need it.

  • up dated buddy i will have to do that i think then see what happens just funs at the min lol

  • yeah i will be getting a battery on the weekend so will have to see but they are like 80 quid shit loads of money lol

  • Are you any where near Swindon - like South Oxon - I can prob get you a battery a lot cheaper than that.

  • yeah i am not far from there i am near wantage how much can you get them for buddy

  • sort of off topic, but was in the bike shop the other day and battery prices have shot up!! a battery for my r6 is £100, soon to be £130!! :shock:

  • stuff for bikes have mate i have a 600 ninja and some stuff for that is like majorly pricey

  • Let me check it out tomorrow and I'll get back to you.
    If you are about tomorrow and could come to Swindon PM me your tel no and I'll give you bell.

  • will have to see what happens as i have got a car yet might have tomorrow will have to check with the old man lol


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