Flat ish Spot ??

  • Hi, my car has the original air box on it. Im gonna be getting the nice kit
    with the chrome pipe. Will that make it a bit more responsive.

    It has a sebring back box & the cat removed as been under car & looked, it has a bit welded in where cat was.

    Its fine once im driving it, infact i gotta be careful i dont get any more
    points :roll:

    Im also gonna sort the plugs out, just not had the time to sort anything yet. (not sure if that makes a difference tho)


    ps…. it sounds a bit ticky tapperty aswell ??

    Oh, also im runnin it on BP ultimate since i got it, but previous
    owner put normal petrol in it, will i need to do a ecu reset :?: :roll:
    Im not mechanically minded, but this has solved problems with
    previous cars ive had.
    Thanks Again

  • The tappetty noise will be the tappets.

    Unfortunately they are hydraulic tappets, so you can't adjust them yourself.

    A set of new tappets is around £60 for 12, so it would be £100 ish for a full set.


    Take a look at the plugs and you will know if they need replacing, and get a decent set as it does make a difference.

    The new air intake will make it sound alot better more than doing anything else.

  • Thanks for that.

    Will it make a difference on what petrol am puttin in.
    As i said before i use bp ultimate, the nearest shell for V power is
    30 miles away :o

  • To be honest on the stock motor it wont make much diff really, any unleaded will do. I use TESCO or ASDA Super unleaded 100.

    Its more important on Turbos really.

  • dont use Shell, i hate there fuel…. find out wot oil is in it aswell, i put oil slightly thicker than wot should be in it and that wot caused my tappet noise, stick some hydrolic tappet cleaner through it aswell, when your saying there a setion weilded where th cat is, is there no cat at all, IE straight through exaust, coz if so this could cause problems at MOT time, but should be ok, and if the cat is there, give it a chap and listen to see if u can hear anything moving, your cat might have collapsed, if so this would cause a deffo power loss... and alos check plugs and lead's as stated before

    Hope it help Leq

  • The zorst is straight thru. It was MOT'd in feb & passed.
    The oil dont look to dirty either, but will get oil & filter done.

  • Will pass MOT with a decat if it's 1992 or older.

    I used to find the tappets only really played up if oil was a bit low.

  • Yeah. same here. In fact I just topped up my oil tonight because the tappets had started to rattle and now its fine and dandy :)

  • If topping with oil don't help, you can try adding a hydraulic tappet cleaner to your oil for a bit before you do your next service, so its not in for long.

  • Thanks for the replies,

    I will keep a listen for them gettin worse :?

  • The Noise Referred to as Tappets can also be mistaken for the HLA's on out V6 engines.

    All V6 K series engines sound noisy at the Top end. These cars are revved high (dont blame anyone as i love the sound too) HLA uses oil Tappets. If the car hasnt had an oil change in a while do one, also add some Wynns HLA treatment that you can get off the shop on this site in conjunction with the Probe site. Its £5 and i have used it many times, the stuff quietens it down a treat.

    When the engines start sounding noisy its a good indication that you need to check your Oil, the tappets are the first things to start making noise!!!!!

    Check Oil Level, Add Wynns HLA Treatment….Sorted

  • Just a note to add to what Tommy D just said.

    As mentioned in my last post, its better to add the cleaner and run for a bit before you do your oil change as it cleans out crap and you want that out with the old oil not in with the new. :wink:


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