Factory imobilizer

  • Is the orange light on the dash with the key symbol mean there is a factory imobilizer?? Or is it just to show the key is programed or does that count?

    Insurance drops £100 with an imobilizer!

  • Just to confuse you it means both lol!

    As far as I know the orange light with the key symbol is for the factory immobiliser. The ignition key will have a chip in it that will be programmed to the immobiliser and ECU. When the key is inserted and the ignition switched on the organe light will come on to say the immobiliser is set (active). As soon as the chip in the key is recognised the light will go out.

    If it stays lit or flashes it is either telling you that the key has not been recognised or there is a problem with the immobiliser. The immobiliser stays active and the car will not start.

    Hope this helps.

  • So I can tell my insurance that there is an imobiliser then??

  • I would assume so!

    I know early MX's didn't have it as standard but was an option.

    What age is the car?

    Also have you got the original mazda keys for it?
    A big give away is on the top of the black mazda key there is a red square, that it the immobiliser chip. Also there should be a grey master key, used for programming additional keys to the system.

  • mines a 98, i only have one key and its grey with no red bits

  • @0d37d3cabb=jamesmx3:

    mines a 98, i only have one key and its grey with no red bits

    That's the master key you have there then for programming new keys to the immobiliser. I'd recomend getting another cut and using that instead and keep the grey key safe.

    And if you have a 98 I'll be 99.99% certain you have one.

  • thats good, the key is fairly worn better get on it quick!!

  • when you get your key cut the keycutter? will tell you if theres a chip built in


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