Engine temp question

  • my 1.6 mx-3 gets very worm is this normal for them? :?

  • I've not had any experiance with the 1.6 4 cylinders. The 3 has a very low swept bonnet and when closed there is normaly not much room between the engine and bonnet so that reduces airflow over the engine. The throttle body on most MX-3 I4 or V6 has coolent lines going to it to prevent venturi icing in cold weather. This also contributes to it.

    If you are worried about under bonnet temps you can pull off the rubber strip at the back of the engine bay, this helps suck warm air out of the bay when driving. Or you can buy lifting kits which will lift the back of the bonnet to create the same effect. Bear in mind though this is meant to be risky as it breaks the fire seal between the bonnet and engine bay. Don't worry too much though as plenty of people do it, me included! I've removed the rubber stirps from the front and rear of the engine bay on my V6, as you can imagine the engine bays on the V6's are pretty crammed and it gets warm under there!

    If your temp guage is constantly reading just below half under normal driving and the cooling fan cuts in when it should there is no need to worry as everything is as it should be.

  • I am reluctant to state the obvious, but, problems may be as simple as:
    1. insufficient coolant in the system. 2. water pump drivebelt defective or not adjusted properly. 3.radiator core blocked or radiator grille dirty and restricted. 4.thermostat faulty. 5.fan blades broken or cracked. 6 radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure, have the cap presure tested. Lets face it, no car verheats by design :lol:

  • thank guys ive checked all levels thay are all good but the temp guage is just over half is this still normal?

  • I would suggest it might be normal for your car or your guage is showing high. I would keep an eye on the coolant level, if you are not losing it, its probably just your guage. :?

  • thanks will do. :D

  • probably fine, some mxs sit just over half some just under :)

  • thanks for the info i wont wurry as much now :lol:


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