OBD2 Ports - UK Right Hand Drives

  • Has anyone apart from myself and Daryl noticed that on certain MX3's the OBD2 port isn't where it's supposed to be? Thinking it's different because of the different loom on the right hand drives.

    I've been hunting high and low for the OBD2 connector port on my mx3. Checked behind the dash thoroughly; next to the firewall under the bonnet, no sign of it. (Give me some credit; it's pretty much unmissable!)

    The North Americans don't seem to have this problem, but it's not where it should be on two UK post 95 mx's we've looked at.

    My ecu is marked K862B, and has a protective metal covering plate over the side with the connectors, making it difficult to count the number of ports.

    Anyone managed to resolve the problem of the obd2 car with the mysterious missing port? It's driving me mad, and the Americans think I'm a f*****g idiot. They may have a point, but I still need to find it… :?

  • Thing is that your car is from the OBD change over period. So you might not have that port. Can you not pull codes as in the HOW TO section?

  • We tried to use the diagnostic connector, but failed.

    I think when Daryl shorted the connectors in the diagnostics box the injectors kicked on, but the fan didn't come on, as it should have.

  • Ermmm, has anyone ever added the missing diagnostic port?


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