Car suddenly over heating????

  • hi guys its bin a while

    my mx-3 has just sudedenly started over heating not sure why cause i havent done anything to her recently to cause it any ideas or suggestions would be greatfull thanx :D

  • check coolant level in the overflow tank.

    Thermostat might be stuck close, so the coolant isn't actually getting to the radiator.

    Be very careful to not let it overheat too much or it'll be new engine time!

  • cheers marco
    but it doesnt have thermostat in it and hasnt since i replaced engine over a year ago everything has bin running fine since then any other suggestions

  • -Check the oil level
    -Check the coolant
    -Check the rad caps, make sure they're sealing
    -Check the water pump (make sure it spins freely with the belt loose), but not so freely that it feels like it's sheared
    -Check the belt condition and tension driving the water pump
    -Check the radiator for cracks/leaks especially around the plastic side tanks
    -Check the rad isn't blocked, try squeezing the hoses and check for flow

  • Try above suggestions, also check that when the engine gets hot that the radiator fan comes on to cool it down, it could be that simple.

    If none of the above then it could be a sign that the head gasket is on its way.

    Does the warer boil over?
    Are you getting pressure in your radiator?
    Bubbles in your expansion tank?
    Take oil filler cap off, is there any white residue inside the cap?
    Have you got any oil in your expansion tank?

    Its also not a great idea to run without a thermostat, they keep everything running at optimum temperature.


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