O/s CV boot change

  • whats the best way to change the CV boot?

    seems a bit tricky is it best just to strech the boot over the top?

  • thats how they do it when its done in a garage, they throw it in a kettle of hot water and use a thingy to stretch it….looks abit like the top of a traffic cone :lol:

    I personally go for the pull the cv joint off option, with both techniques you have to dismantle the hub/suspension to get the driveshaft and cv joint out of the hub, if you take the cv joint off the shaft, you don't need to stretch the boot, but if you stretch the boot, you don't need to take the cv joint off, its really a case of having tools handy and preference

  • Some CV boots are not stretchy, when you buy it ask for a stretchy one.

    You need a stretcher tool to put it over the CV joint.

    DO NOT BUY A TWO PIECE BOOT!! waste of time and money!


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