Oil light flashin on and off

  • today i noticed when i gave my v6 a bit of a thrash off the lights revved to about 6k rpm
    changed thru the gears upto third then i slowed down when coming totraffic lights and then i noticed the oil light flashed on and offabout three times.
    why? can any 1 help . is this a problem.
    cheers ash

  • Check your oil level! That's the oil pressure warning light. Meaning one of these:
    -not enough oil left to make pressure
    -oil pump problems
    -oil pressure send failure or related wiring

    If you've oil that low/failing pump you will weld together your bottom end all too easily, this is how 95% of k series v6s die.

  • marco speaks truth its really not hard to look after a mx-3 check oil and water once a month. job done

  • ooo btw marco give me a shout on msn about ze throttle body swap ok :D

  • had oil changed about 4 months ago .. but will check asap prob get fresh oil 2moz.
    thanks for quick response you probely saved a death of a v6…. how often do i need to change the oil . ive had the car just over a year and still learning.

  • depends on how u run the engine and wot shape the engine is in.

  • i.e is it leaking from the rocker covers etc. and if u ploughing around over 6k revs everywhere u will tend to burn oil faster. FYI dont buy castrol engine oil not good for our engine high ash content dosent mix well with ally head and block.

  • dont go to 6krpm very often . what brand oil do you recommend ?

  • Get your self a decent semi synthetic or fully synthetic 5w30 oil in there. Pretty much any brand will do. It doesn't have to be expensive, I normally use Vauxhall own brand because that's what my local motor factor sells. Pretty decent stuff too. Normal servicing of the K8 is around 10k but depending on how the car is used (stop start town driving) it's a good idea to do it more often. Doesn't hurt to keep it clean anyway!

    I've noticed on a few MX's that the oil pressure switch is prone to failing and then pisses oil out every where. If you're oil level is low and there are no other obvious places you can see a leak check this. Although if it is leaking you'll see oil every where in this area.

    You'll see the sensor just above the oil filter. If you look down on the engine with the bonnet open it'll be just under the front bank exhaust manifold above the oil filter. It has 1 wire going to it. Bloody hard to get in there and change it too!

  • lucas oil seems to be very popular with the yanks and there mx-3's u can get it from fordprobestore and its pretty cheap.


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