Rear shocker top fitment

  • hi im just waiting on my rear shocker top from the mazda dealer tomorow hopfully …anyway ..can any one explain how easy or hard and the time scale this mite take....thanks japandi

  • The top mount that the shock attaches to? I found it easy enough. I swapped all 4 shocks in a few hours. Air tools speed things up :) Do you have the mx-3 workshop manual? It's online at

  • iv changed shocker top …it was easy took bout 20 mins lol m.o.t tomorrow at 11 lets hope she passes do you know what the 2 valves are at the top ov the engine there like valve that open n close when you rev it ?????????

  • the verris
    give you more powere through out the rev range think of it as a cross between hondas vtech and mitss mivech


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