Possible problem?

  • Hi guys.

    Firstly, sorry I had to dump this in the General section, as I dont know where the problem is, so cant stick it in a specific category.

    When I'm driving, I get a noise that starts at about 25mph, and carries on through the rest of the journey. It gets louder the faster I go.

    You know the noise you get if your stereo has a bad earth, when you can hear the whirring through the speakers? Its like that, only a deeper grumble, and its mechanical. Its not coming through the stereo speakers, and it doesn't change when I change gear. Just whirrs all the way up, despite gearing, and only comes down when I slow down, so I'm inclined to think its not the engine.

    The last owner (my mom!) said its been doing it for last 18 months give or take, and garage owners have looked and said everything is fine. It flew through the MOT 2 months ago.

    I've checked the gearbox oil as a precaution, and thats lovely. My pa said it aint the diff either. I have no wheel wobble, the car doesn't feel like its being 'held back', no loss of power, etc. Basically, if the noise disappeared, but the car handled and drove exactly the same, I'd be one happy bunny!

    Any ideas? I've tried to be as descriptive as possible, but ask me anything that may help narrow this down. Remember I'm an auto, if this helps anywhere?


  • 18 months?

    bearings i reckon, if its got disks all round it won't wobble as the cv joint holds it altogether :lol:

    Jack each wheel up and turn it fast with your ear near it, you will soon find out which one it is :wink:

  • sounds like wheel bearings to me

  • Do the centre of your noisy wheels feel hot? I'd guess wheel bearing too. Also check the CV boots are intact. Another idea is a stone trapped around the brake pads or warped brake discs.

  • it may be the cv's if its the rear, the fronts would creak when you turn, but its uncommon for the rear cv's to go due to it being relatively straight throughout its life.

    The checking for heat in the centre of the wheel may help, after 18 months the bearings would be none existant, i remember i ran mine for around 6 months and the bearing race was ground alot bigger

  • there are no rear cvs on the mx3 its not rear wheel drive only bearings

  • oh yer :lol: well it has been 2 years since i've owned one :lol:

  • Cheers all!

    Sorry I haven't been on to reply to these messages, the dreaded man-flu is taking a hold over me!

    I hadn't checked the wheels for heat as I wasn't sure it was the wheels in the first place.

    I will however check everything you guys have suggested and get back to you with answers.

    Thanks a lot everyone :wink:

  • the heat from a dying wheel bearing or seized caliper will transfer to the wheel. Get well soon!

  • @a7933cd847=Marco:

    the heat from a dying wheel bearing or seized caliper will transfer to the wheel. Get well soon!

    Cheers Marco :wink:

  • how did you get on mate?

    Does the noise increase when cornering? thats another tell tale sign of a wheel bearing. The ones on my cavalier sounded like a Lancaster bomber droning away all the time but got worse round corners.

  • I'm feeling generally better in myself, although symptoms are still hanging on!

    I felt the wheels at the front, and they were warm in the centres…not hot, more like how warm your forehead feels, quite lukewarm.

    Could this still be wheel bearings?

    How difficult are they to replace? I aint bad with a set of spanners, but can anyone give me ballpark figures on both (a) buying the parts myself and fitting them myself, and (b) parts supplied and fitted by a quite average priced garage?

    Thanks for all your help and well wishes guys, thanks very much!

  • The front wheel bearings are the cheapest at around £35 each from Probestore but the rears are going to cost double that.

    Ideally you need to get the hub off and get the old one out then press the new one in using a press, tool or vice.

    Not sure what a garage would charge but it proberbly wouldnt be cheap.

  • Cheers hamster, I'll have a ring around and get a quote, but my garage is usually quite reasonable.

    Cheers for help guys

  • Theres a press in my garage, took me about 4 hours to get the old one out and new one in if you want to use the driveway, depends if it cost more to get it repaired than it does petrol to warrington

  • @27b4d70331=Unicorn:

    Theres a press in my garage, took me about 4 hours to get the old one out and new one in if you want to use the driveway, depends if it cost more to get it repaired than it does petrol to warrington

    Cheers dude, thats a very nice offer!

    I'll ring for quotes, but I think its prob gonna be cheaper for me to get the job done over this end, but thanks again, thank you very much!

  • no worries, didn't know if it was too far so put the offer there :wink:

  • water pump baring has gone mate and if its bin doing it for 18 months ad get it changed fast nothing to do with wheel bearing's … if it was you'd know cos they get louder and louder and then crumble ...take my advise and change water pump ..............had a vectra in at work .....water pump went ...snapt cam belt and bent every valve ......BECAUSE the baring crumbled and wedged snaping and bending every thing......my civic was the same ...i couldnt work out were the noise was coming from ... i thought it was altanator but when i put in on the ramp i saw the leak ......so i changed the wp and it was fine ...problem solved :wink:

  • cambets no problem for are water pumps there on the altanater belt

  • Sounds like a bearing to me, but its easy to tell if its a waterpump and rule that out.

    Just pop the bonnet and revvvv it, if you don't hear the same noise then its probably a bearing. If you really want to make sure use an engine stethiscope.

    Buy a new bearing and get it fitted £80+
    Buy new bearing and fit it yourself £35 plus some mechanical skills
    Buy a second hand hub from a local scrapyard for £20-£30 and basic mechanical skills.

    First options the best if you can afford it.

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