Klde engine and maf

  • I have been told on MX3.com that for an OBD2 engine swap i need a klde engine i was just wondering what the best donour vehicle is in the uk? I know the ecu is self mapping so by changing the MAF it should automaticaly adjust for the fuel and air mix..

  • From what I've read:

    -Use your stock k8 ECU
    -Use kl02 VAF from KLDE car
    -Get an AFPR to adjust fuel pressure (though not 100% on the effectiveness of that)
    -Use your stock disty
    -If any sensors differ use the K8 one from your old engine

    You can you use a KLDE or KLZE or of course another K8.

    KLDE cars (obviously you want the 2.5 model car):
    mazda xedos 9 / millenia
    mazda 626
    mazda mx-6
    ford probe

  • i have a klde all in bits with a gearbox, i took it apart to rebuild it and have lost intrest, will sell to 100 ono

    one of the heads is cracked easily sourced for about 20 quid


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