Broken Air Duct - Replace with aftermarket, any problems?

  • Hi All,

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the cracking problem with the oem Air Intake Ducting into the engine (particularly the concertina part).

    Does anyone know if I'm likely to experience any problems replacing with this part:

    Particularly, will it upset the VRIS System mentioned? Would the ECU Cope? Would a retune be required.

    I'm looking to replace non standard as this is obviously a design fault of the part!

  • You shouldn't experiance any problems with this kit. It was designed purposly for the MX-3 with people from this site. There is a thread on it some where.

    VRIS will still work correctly with an induction kit. You'll just increase airflow over the stock air box.

    You shouldn't need a retune. Your ECU should be able to 'learn' and adjust accordingly. You could always disconnect the batery and reset the ECU. This will then let it re learn various values and it should be able to pick up that more colder air is comming in and adjust fueling accordingly.

  • ^ Textbook answer there. No need to retune.

    It seems like a good kit, I doubt you'll have any bother, and you should get a nice sound off it :) Maybe even a horse and a half :wink:

  • Cheers guys. Need to check with Elephant with regards to insurance now then.

    Not really doing it for performance, just more because of the obvious design fault in the original (which Mazda want £60 for a replacement), which I doubt has been corrected.

    Performance gains are welcome, but purely a secondary consideration for this particular change.


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