Wheel bearing???

  • hi all

    ive got a humming/whirring noise coming from the rear of the car and i thought it was a wheel bearing but im not too sure. two weeks ago i had the front brakes done and at that time i got the mechanic to have a look at them and he said they were fine. i had a check again today myself but there is no play at all and when traveling at 60 you can clearly hear it but it is smooth with no shaking. the rear has been stripped out and it has been lowered, also the rear shocks are fooked. could it just be road noise. this started the day i lowered it but its just getting annoying.


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  • if ut started when u lowered it are anyparts of the wheels touching when its sat on teh ground

  • No nothing hanging down, was out last night and was steering to either side and it didn't get any louder or quiter. I think it might just be either the crap tires or warped discs. Had the rear pads done at the same time as lowering.

  • make sure its not the brakes, if those are ok, i suggest just keep driving it until it gets worse, and you definately know its the bearings,

    usually you'll hear a constant grinding, but everything will feel smooth, the grinding can change pitch when you go around a corner, suppose you can always jack suspected wheel up and see if you can turn it fast enough to hear the grind, i wouldn't trust a garage with diagnosing bearings, mine passed an mot when the bearings were so bad it vibrated through the clutch pedal :shock:

  • i starting to think it is the brakes, i can here it when im going along and the only thing that will quieten it is using the brakes enough so the rear ones will work harder. all will become clear on friday, shocks getting fitted so ill have a looksee. the garage i take it the MOT test station were i work and he is a tight ass lol


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