Tax and the DVLA / VOSA

  • so my tax is due for wednesday, and I havent had a reminder through, I went to tax online and need the reminder ref number or my log book ref number. went off to get my log book….

    where the fook is it? :shock: Sh!t its lost, so i ring the DVLA...

    Finally after millions of automated questions i get to speak to a person, she takes the reg and my address and runs a search,

    'no you are right we haven't sent a reminder because you need a VIC test.'
    'A What??'
    'to check its the same vehicle as before the accident'
    'but the accident was may last year and its been taxed since then!'
    'theres nothing i can do, ring VOSA, heres the number .... goodbye'

    so i ring the VOSA number, and another automated phone call, finally get through...

    'hi the DVLA told me to ring as i need a VIC test to get my tax'
    'have you filled in this form'
    'well fill that in online and it'll be about a week before its proccessed'
    'A week!'
    'yes, theres also a charge of £41 for the test, thank you and goodbye'

    just a little bit pissed of, so I'll have no car for a week, be probably £200 down in tax + £40 to prove its the same car and not cut and shut, its had an MOT and new tax since the acciden, so why this year does it need checking.

    rant over

  • That's terrible mate the VOSA and DVlA are both as bad as each other.

    Hope you get it sorted.

  • filled the form in straight away, so should be about a week, but i reckon my boss will be a twat and not let me have the day to get the test done.

    any idea what they actually checking for the VIC, like looking for crap welds and dodgy shut lines and stuff. or more like an MOT??

  • there all as bad as each other, i tried to tax my car today as because the MOT expires within the next two weeks they actually refused to tax it because the MOT is too short so i just went online and did it, worked fine. try it in the post office, as long as you have the right paper work with you they should let you do it, not like they are gonna know it needs a VIC check lol

  • i would if i wasnt such a nob'ed I cant find my log book!

  • @a12e234272=jamesmx3:

    any idea what they actually checking for the VIC, like looking for crap welds and dodgy shut lines and stuff. or more like an MOT??

    Checking a vehicle’s identity

    The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) carry out the VIC. It’s designed to confirm the car’s identity and helps ensure that the genuine car is returned to the road. It takes around 20 minutes to complete and involves comparing the details on the DVLA vehicle record, against the car presented. The VIC is a check of identity, it doesn’t formally assess the quality of the repair or confirm roadworthiness. If you have any concerns regarding these aspects, you should seek the opinion of an independent expert.
    Once a car has passed a VIC the V5C issued will be annotated to show "substantially repaired and or accident damaged; identity checked on dd/mm/ccyy".

    Taken from the direct gov website.

  • thanks, so with my bumper being slightly miss-shapen, only the plastic though will that go down as 'accident damaged' ???

  • Wouldn't of thought so… :?


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