Rix13's v6

  • hi all,

    though it was about time i put something in here.

    i bought my mx way back in jan as a kinda rolling project sort of thing. when i bought it wasn't in brill condition but it is gradually getting there. cost me 550 quid with 120k on the clock and six month tax and test. when i bought it it need a couple of bits and bobs doing to it such as tires and other small consumables but was eventually sorted. after a couple of months of driving was considering selling it but found everytime i though this i would give the car a chance to prove its self and it did.
    over time done a couple of small mods eg new alloys lowering and other cosmetic bits but not much.
    all was going well till beginning of this month till it when to get some new tires and then it went down hill. found out i needed for an MOT

    need front discs and pads
    rear pads
    2 rear shocks
    new exhaust
    2 ball joints
    CV bits
    and rear wheel bearings.

    i had 2 options sell it cheap and get something boring or stick with and get it sorted, i chose the later. nearly all the work has been done so as soon as it gets through the MOT let the proper modding begin.



    bout 3 months ago was close to putting a 2.5 in but got made redundant :-( so maybe next year lol

  • first off all welcome to the site, i havn't been on much, and ur new here.

    mx3 is coming along nicely the KLZE engine conversion is a very simple conversion, and if you havn't done one before. very nice way to start and learn from that :), im always around the forums,and on msn if u ever need any help.

  • well it passed MOT other day on one minor so can actually spend money on performance now YAY!!!

  • Congrats! I hate spending on boring parts :lol: I had to buy 2 new rear brake calipers… that sucked :(


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