Fuel Filter in R/C to Inlet - Cleaner Burn

  • Hey guys, just something i have picked up over time and used on all my cars. The V6's all have pressurised Oil Systems that also use a vaccum. This is why when you take the Oil Cap off the engine stalls….The downside of this is Oily deposits get sucked into your Inlet and Combustion Chambers. I did see someone with a R/C Breather to Atmosphere on their MX3 at a Cruise and explained why his idle was lumpy and drove like crap....He also had his R/C to Inlet - Inlet Pipe just open, poor AFM had no chance, lol

    Some people use an Oil Catch Tank which looks good but for £1.50 you can also filter your air inlet.

    I use normal small Petrol Filters (motorworld/halfords etc) as these stop most of the stuff, just stops oil getting into your inlet....you will be surprised how quickly drops of Oil will build up, dont let it get too clogged mind otherwise you will block the flow of air....I change mine every 6mth or so and its fine......

  • Nice tip mate!

  • admin

    Yeah, good idea - will be borrowing that one :)

    Hmm.. just noticed - my ZE is missing that pipe - lol, will use the one from the K8 when I swap lol


  • If you have lots of Oil going down the pipe its a good idea to get a new PCV Valve also as they are only £5 off the site store…

  • Got one today and its gettin fitted :)

  • im getting an oil catch tank, costing me 28 quid!


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