Oil in Plug Chamber

  • I noticed the other day that there was some oil on the front rocker cover. Looking further I pulled the HT lead nearest the filler cap out and it was covered in oil going down to the plug.
    Must have spilt some oil when I topped up I thought so cleaned it all out. Just had a look today to make sure all OK and there is more oil back in the plug chamber.
    I am assuming this is the rocker cover gasket.
    Can anyone confirm, please.

  • yes Rod, it will be cam cover gasket mate….

  • Not too big a job then?

  • looking at the manual on cd mate no, looks quite easy to do…
    id give it a go, im quite confident with the old spanner...

  • I'm not all that good. :oops:
    Fancy giving me a hand? :D

  • im currently off the road mate as its mot time and i got a bit to do, ill know more after the mot tomorrow, when was you looking at getting it done..

  • Well she is running OK so no mad rush.
    Next week sometime?

  • I could come to your place and I'll do it with you supervising to make sure no cock-ups.

  • ill know tomorrow if wes has passed he test mate so ill pm you and let ya know ok, if alls ok ill drive up to you as i aint got the space..

  • Magic!! :D And much appreciated.
    I got space, no probs, and the kettle works well.

  • sorted mate, as soon as i get the all clear on wes ill let ya know asap and arrange a day with you…

    Fingers crossed for tomoz eh!!....

  • Yup! I had my fingers crossed too. Pleased for you to get a PASS!!

    Went into Mazda Swindon today and ordered gasket. Should be in next Tuesday.
    20 quid!!!! :shock:

  • well happy wes passed mate….
    ok, gasket poss in tues then, as soon as you have it let me know and we arrange a day to get it sorted mate..

  • Ok. Poss Thursday if that suits you.
    Going to Cardiff Millenium Saturday for Speedway Grand Prix so want to get it done by then if poss.
    Thanks again!!

  • Hi Neil
    Pm'd you earlier and wondered if you have got it.
    Not like you to be offline. :)

  • Hey this is my 1st post so let me know if i mess up!

    i have had this same problem whilst sorting out one that im doing at the moment. i new it had a little leak around the rocker cover @cyl. #2. whilst trying to ge it all in bits for the current job, i found that pretty much all the bolts holding everything down were loose. make sure you give them a decent nip up but dont screw the ally casting up. hope you have a torque wrench! :wink:

  • Thanks for the 1st post fella but the problem was solved, required a new cam cover gasket which i replaced for rod at my house some time ago now, lol should have updated this post ….



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