Front brake caliper pins

  • Hi guys,

    I was trying to change the front brake pads on my 3, and the two pins that run through the calipers refuse to budge. Any ideas how to shift them? I've soaked them in wd40 and still no joy. I can't see any way to get the pads out. Also, what should I be using to compress the piston to refit the caliper? Can I get away with a normal G clamp?

    A second question, the rubber seems to have corroded from my rear shocks. Does this mean that I need new ones, or can I get away with the old ones as they are without the rubber.

    Thanks for the advice guys,


  • Like you have done Wd-40 a punch and hammer, they probably have a shoulder and only come out one way.

  • Thanks Mechanic!

    It worked in the end, though i had to destroy the pins to get them out. the sense of achievement is massive now :lol:

    Now my only problem is my rusted on bleed screws…...


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