• rite guys got it runing again,

    but now its over fueling like hell one u can smell the fuel and to i have black smoke coming ou the rear,

    i have got the kl02 air flow if i put the je50 on will this help it?
    but i have got to wedge the airflow open as i only got a temp pipe in untill i got one from the states

  • are you sure you have the timing right??
    is the black smoke constant
    you got any picsd of the bay and see what youve done
    and when youv said your weding the air flow open, what are you waiting for from the states??

  • few other qustions mate
    what ecu are you running, what fueel pump ypu running and also how long was it over fuelling for etc or was it constant
    just because if you kept turning it over etc, you will get the black smoke for a while as there will be extra fuel in the motor

  • running a 2.5 ecu, im waiting 4 cold air feed pipework from the states,
    fuel pump is what ever was in urs mate.
    and yes the black smoke was constant i willtry the kl02 again when i have the pipe work sorted out proper but untill then the je50 has it under control

  • what happens when you unwedge the airflow?

    if your ecu thinks theres more air going in than there is, it will overfuel


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