Changing TPS

  • hi all quick question, how do you change the TPS cos im guessing its not as simple as just swapping the old with the new. my v6 is running bad and i think its the TPS. splutters from idle to 2000rpm ish but after that its fine. wont do this all the time. used to do it from time to time but now its got more often. i had this problem on my old coupe 2ltr and changing TPS seemed to work but if anyone else has any ideas what it could be would be helpful


  • idel control valve, is another option might need cleaning up

  • Rix- TPS adjustment has been added to the HOW TO section

  • In my experience this is usually caused by duff HT leads.

  • Wouldn't suprise me if the ht leads were the problem now thinking about it, started to happen when bout 2 months ago when I changed plugs probally disrupted them. Oops! I'll try all three options just to make sure

  • HT leads need changing every few years, SO many running faults are caused by old ones on these engines you wouldn't believe.


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