Invitation to a rolling road/dyno day

  • I'm also a member on and we are organising a rolling road fest at Northampton Motorsport. :D

    Heres a link to the thread.

    One of the mx6 members is friends with a lot of 323F owners so I thought i'd throw the invite open to the mx3 lads to make a full day of it.

    Once i've gathered enough interest over the next week or so i'll book a day with them and post up the details.

    Would be great to see some of you there.

  • I am considering this, a little over 2 hours away but should be fun.

  • you're more than welcome mate. There will be lads from Watford, Scunthorpe, Birmingham, Grantham and Huddersfield all coming so this seemed like a good central location for it.

    Will let you know more when I have a good solid figure for people attending.

  • sounds good to me matey(provided i get the mx3 sorted ) if not then may even risk the 323 :lol: :wink:

  • Quality mate.

    So far we have 5 MX6's, a 24v Probe, a 2.0 V6 323f and 2 possible mx3's

    I'm going to ring NMS once I get 10+ to see if I can get the price down, then I'll post up with details of date, deposit/price etc.

    Must be some others interested surely?

  • Bit inconsiderate with the location :P

    Move it up northwest a bit, like ehhh County Antrim? Please?


    I've spoken to Troy at Northampton Motorsport and booked in for us to attend on Saturday August 1st

    Heres the website for more information and directions.

    I've thrown this open to any cars and have posted on UKPOC and so if anyone else is interested get in touch.

    Price is £35 per car per run. If you want to do a power run then tweek the car, add mods etc you would have to pay again for another run. I might do this to see what gains can be got from an ECU/VAF swap + some other bits but it will be wallet permitting.

    Can all those who have expressed an interest please get in touch as I will require a deposit to show you're commitment. There is a minimum requirement of 10 cars so please only say yes if you mean it.

    This should be a great day with some serious ribbing going on! :jump:

  • I'm going to start taking in deposits soon from anyone who's interested as I need a commitment from people.

    If you are intersted please let me know and i'll pm payment details. I will have to cut off bookings in 30 days as I need to know before then if I have a definate 10 people attending.

    Thanks, Paul

  • Its coming up to a month away now so i'd like to take deposits or full payment from all those attending.

    You can paypal it as a gift, send a cheque/cash/postal order or pay direct in the bank via transfer.

    Please send a pm with your details so I know who's paid and I will reply with the details.

    Should be a good day, we have 6 mx6's, a Probe, 323F, Integra and maybe a couple of others coming so far. Anyone is welcome.

  • Is there any interest in this AT ALL?

    I've got 5 confirmed so far, and maybe a scooby and evo coming

    The venue has changed to Loughborough Street Racers on Sunday August 9th

    Please please let me know, cheers

  • ok, 1 week to go and I've had lots of interest so i'd like people to shout up now and let me know if you are a YES or NO.

    No mucking around please, no maybe's etc, I need to get a figure of those who are genuinely coming and wont back out.

    Email me at or post on here.

    See you on Sunday!!

  • Last shout for this if anyone is interested?

    Meeting places are the layby on the A6 just off J24 M1 at 9am Sunday or at the location around 9.30am

    Postcode is LE12 8RB, Farley Way, Quorn.

    You want to take the track turning after the football ground if you are not coming til later.

    Should have around 15 turning up, proper mixed bag.

    See you there!!


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