My engine wont start now! updated last post

  • had the car started and runnign a few times after the engine change!!

    but yester day started to wire in the alarm, and went to see why the heater motor didnt work!

    so the black wire off the heater moter must be earth so earth that off to passenger foot well by the relays.
    and did the alarm went to it this morning and wont start its getting fuel, think it s getting spark!!!

    it will turn over but wont start any ideas !!!!

  • check spark for sure- take off a plug and set it against something earthed and check for a hot spark. Make sure you're alarm hasn't set the immobiliser off. Check codes etc. Things like the MAF sensor, crank sensor connections should be checked.

  • i defo got spark, just done ur code puller marco and got code 5!

    which is the knock sensor!!!

    some one give me a gd description on where it is

  • its in the middle of the two banks mate….

    1. remove the air in take pipe work..
    2. remove the manifold/intake
    3. remove the bypass pipe
    4. remove the water pipe
    5. now remove the knock sensor..

    removal and installation note:
    Engine coolant
    1, drain the engine coolant into a container before removing the intake manifold..
    2, use the sst to remove/install the knock sensor
    sst meaning special tool knock sensor wrench specfically needed...

  • its now striped out just waiting for the ford probe store to deliver the new one,

    then with fingers crossed that will sort it, as it was the only code that flashed up.

    thanks for the description rainmaker

  • knock sensor changed and it RUNS woop woop

  • good to see all fixed and working ok mate…

  • yeah glad to hear you got it sorted! 8)


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