Advice please??

  • my MX3 V6 has broke a front spring so i have ordered 2 new ones and intend to fit them at the weekend. i have a couple of drop links ready to go on my 323. but i thought while i have the MX in bits ,i may as well fit the drop links to it and order some more for the 323. does anyone know if the drop links are compatable for MX 3 V6?? …at a quick glance they look the same :roll:

  • 323 and MX-3 drop links are not the same.

  • yeah ive put them on my 323 ,the MX ones were smaller ive been putting new springs on the mx and noticed that the rubber covers that protect the dampers are well shot so ive been hunting round for a new pair but i'm told there main dealer only?? the springs i got from my local Motabitz, they also sell the gas struts… but say they can't get me the rubber gators how stupid is that?? the main dealer is asking close to £60 ...thats dearer then one of the bloody springs!!!!! :?

  • That's booollox. I got a set for my bilsteins a year ago. Powerflex do a gaiter/bump stop kit £19.95 pair including vat from Proven Performance. I'd normally pimp out fordprobestore here but I don't think they do them? sorry Mark :P

  • Marco…thanks very much matey.. i emailed Powerflex, and they gave me the part/serial number of the gaitor kit i needed ...they even told me "Demon Tweeks" had them in stock £20.38 ...a saving of £39.62 me tinks so a big cheers.. beers on me next time your in hull

  • haha nay bother! But do remember that it's £20 per pair IIRC, still like half price by the time mazda hit you for handling and VAT!

  • yeah mate hopefully will get back on the road at weekend.. depending how quick delivery is? then next job is rear discs & pads and will be as good as new :D


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