Warning not a happy bunny !

  • I'm really sorry I have to do this but well I'm pissed of! 2 months plus ago James lee too my lambos from me, we agreed at the time he could take them with 100 pound del then paying me the outstanding off weekly via cheque. I waited two weeks nothin. Pmd to ask y and said he didn't have my adress fair enuff two weeks later notin still rang this time amd he said he was waiting for a new cheque book . And said he could drop some off on his way to jap fest or on the way bk. Not even a phone call! So I then rang to see if he could set a standing order up. He said that was fine. But guess what every time I ring to find out y no money is still in my account he's either missed the bank. Because he's over slept on a sataday or his banks closed. I'm not usually one to do this an I've been a great supporter of this site and what it does all through my build and the sites build . I just felt it was a really poor show as I regularly see James posting a about buying new. Bits while I'm still nearly 250 out of poket still. Rant over sorry

  • Understandable, but I'm sure James will come good Chris. Took 3 weeks to get shocks and springs off you didn't it :P James you should get internet banking and just transfer the money ;)

  • No fair point but I did at least try and do everything I could to help as it was out of my hands and kept u as informed as I was. So I know how it feels to be either end of this. And I agree I'm sure James will come good but I did the same with john off of here an within a week the standing order was set up an going… Brilliant. It's just been a little too long with no real effort it seems. Especially when I stood in the pouring rain for an hour helping him get them off LOL

  • mate just keep on get someone else to ring him !!!!

    any news on where the green slip is

  • sent 50 this morning i now have a bank balance of -358
    will send more when i can


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