Drive shafts

  • pulled the drive shafts out of the engine today and just want to make sure they came out rite,

    the little clip in the 2nd one where the hell does it go? has some one got a pic of how it should be or can they give me a gd description and weather i need new ones or not

  • It goes in the green cup to stop the tripod joint from coming out…

    I'm guessing you had quite a tug to get it out!? I'll try and get a pic sometime soon.

  • yeah was a bloody big tug lol.
    will that clip refit or do i need a new one

  • err I'll have to check tomorrow, I'm too settled with my beer :P

    To be honest I didn't use one after my ZE swap… because the last person who had the axles out didn't even put one in. Only found out tonight they're meant to be there when my axles off ebay arrived :lol:

  • looks like you got water in there to make that oil go gunky like that

  • I had a shaft snap when i left one of these out on the ZE, i was on lock with alot of power turning in the road. The shaft slide to its end and twisted off. :oops:

  • lol mechanic! Right I best be putting it back in mine then…

    Any pics of the shaft snap? I want to see the destruction :twisted:

  • No pics, lol.

    It was very embarrassing the AA towed me back to work and within 30 minuets was back on my way. Lucky it did it locally as i had a track day booked the following week and would of been most annoyed if it had happened then. :shock:

  • can some one tell me or show me a pic on the fitment of this clip! as when i refit ewill be regreasing and sealing the boots on the shafts

  • On the end of the drive shaft about 1/4 of an inch from the end there is a groove cut all the way round it sits in there. Good luck.

  • its on the inside of the joint, you put the axle in and the clip goes on tthe inside (just put your finger in the gunky mess on the part of the shaft thats still in the gearbox where mechanic said)

  • How it looks without axle in:

    How it looks with axle in:

  • thanks guys marco that pic made it all clear

  • no problem :)

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