Bang rattle help

  • hi all my mx v6 is making an awfull noise in the front spring on closer inspection it looks like one of them has let go at the top… is this something any one has come across before and are they good to change cheers steve//

  • Happened to me a few months back fella, the drivers side front spring went at the top and bottom on mine sounded terrible.. got a new set of apex springs and set about changing them all, quite an easy job..
    Must say though i am a dab hand with a

  • yeah.. it sounded like mine was about to fall in half.. so thanks for the advice matey you've put my mind at rest did you buy just the springs or the full lot with the damper ?? :D

  • I just got a set of springs mate went for apexi -25mm drop.. but later discovered i needed a set of rear struts as well as the gas had gone..
    struts dont come cheap for the mx im affaid..£69 each for the rear..Cheapest..

    If your thinking of replacing struts and springs all around then i would suggest a full set of coilovers instead.. Ksports..

    With the cost of std set ups being quite high my cheapest quote was £420 and thats fitting it all myself against Ksport coilovers at £550-600..
    IMO go for a full Ksport set up..

  • iv'e had the car up on yhe jack and a good inspection in my garage. it's just broke the spring i did hit a rather big pothole which was unavoidable ( courtesy of East Yorkshire County Councill) bless 'em, i'm sure they have more important things to do then mend roads??????????? the T**TS any way hopefully not to big an issue just a couple of springs

  • Make a claim.

  • @df926ecdff=Rod:

    Make a claim.


    if there are no markings around the pothole in question then it has not been surveyed yet, so report it and make a claim…

  • take a photo of it first with a ruler in it first! Then claim :) They've been known to be sneaky here.

  • good idea i'll give it a go …nothing to lose i will av a drive up there at weekend camara and ruler at the ready cheers guys

  • Maybe you will find an even better hole? :wink:

  • you do know some mx3's were recalled for dodgey "explosive" springs.

  • no i didn't no that.. but mine let go with a right loud bang
    i've never had a spring go before so don't no if that was normal or not i've ran mazda's for years but 323's

  • bring it to a dealership and tell them what happend if it hasnt been replaced before it should be done for free!!!!

    have a look on the AA's website its there somewhere!

  • i will have a look at that.cheers for the info' matey

    thanks steve//

  • @07003bb4fa=steve//:

    i will have a look at that.cheers for the info' matey

    thanks steve//

    Here you go

  • I HATE POT-HOLES!!!!!!! On my daily drive to work i encounter at least 20 that i have to swerve round, i have cheshire county council on speed dial, report every single one…..


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