1.8 engine swap

  • Hi guys, my 1.8 engine has died and i have the chance of another one. My only concern is i don't really know what the crack is with ECU's and the like.

    My car is an N-reg and the engine that i could possibly get is a 97. Even if the ECU's are different (ie one with OBD1 and one with OBD2) could i still just swap the engines over without having to do anything with wiring and ECU's. Basically can i just put another 1.8 in regardless of age.

    Cheers Guys

  • Engines technically don't have an OBD as such. The only real difference may be:
    -extra sensors on the coolant neck (take a photo of yours and post it and I'll tell you if you're ok)
    -extra o2 sensors on the OBDII exhaust manifolds, simply swap your old ones on or get ebay SS ones ;)

    To be honest I'd be very surprised if you have any more issues than that. When I got my black car, it had recently had a late engine put in (ie OBDII donar car). There were no issues with that, an extra coolant plug that wasnt used and that's about it. People put late KLDEs from 2000 626s all the time, so you should be good to go!

  • Cheers

    I will try to get some pictures up, but by the sounds of it i shouldn't worry too much about the age of the engine that i put in.

    I'm also seeing a couple of whole mx-3's about which would either do as engine donors or as just a new car for me and i can swap over SS exhaust and lowering kit etc.


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