Adjustable Steering Column

  • I had a 323 (pop-up) which had the above. When I bought my mx-3 I assumed it would be the same but on investigation under the column behind the wheel there is just a hole. So I reckoned the plastic lever had broken off.
    However, in conversation wirh Chris (Freedom) he says his has never been adjusted.
    It looks as though it should but now I am in doubt. I want to replace my rear demist switch and cannot see how I can remove the 2 screws to get into the dashboard cowl.
    So, is it adjustable or not?

  • Ahhh indeed, neither of my mxs have adjustable. I really thought some did though. To get the cowl of you have to take off the plastic surrounding the steering wheel hub/indicators/ignition. Then you can get at the screws, frustrating I know… What's up with your demist switch? My bulbs blown in mine. I dislike that button, it affects my idle in strange ways :(

  • Thanks Marco. It is obviously a mystery.
    Agreed that switch does affect tick over but it helps sometimes to see out the back window when looking for blue lights. :)

    My demist has not worked since I got the car. I have checked all that I can electrically and it must be either the relay or the switch. I have a relay and Chris may have a switch so it is just insurance really, although the switch feels a bit 'loose'.

  • i have a j spec and it adjusts not much tho pretty pointles

  • i had 1 with adustment and curently driveing one with out
    thers 3 screws at top of dash suround
    3 screws in under side of couling around the collom then can then be uncliped allowing you to get the the 2 in the botom of the dash suround

  • Thanks guys!!

  • I'm not sure about in the UK but in North America, most mx-3's with the v6 adjust and most mx-3's with the 4cyl don't adjust…

    It's interesting you mention the defrost affecting your idle... on my ze it will drop the rpm about 2-300

  • Would the drop in revs be due to the extra load required to operate demist. If you jump start another car from yours, once the leads are connected there is a drop in rpm by the donor car, hence the donor car driver slaps on more rpm to charge his own battery and make up for the load being drained . You would only notice the drop in rpm at idle. :wink:

  • Yep I would say it is, as the alternator works overtime. However the ECU is meant to compensate, I think via the IAC. Mine was fine in my 1.8 car, but the ZE beast is more affected. I've tried two IACs, so what's that leave? Grounding issues, alternator… hmm. It annoys me.

  • @04008d318b=Marco:

    Yep I would say it is, as the alternator works overtime.

    but I have a millenia alternator 110amp vs. 90 amp and I still have the issue…

  • Yea I know, but even the stock alt can cope just fine, so it must be something else. Doesn't the IAC let more air in under load? I just can't believe all 3 IACs I have (all cleaned) are fails. Really pisses me off! I saw a guy on say about this first but he never seemed to have fixed it. I guess one day when my megasquirt is running the show I'll be fine!

  • i have an adjustable bit on a donor car if u want it


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