KLZE ID - Look Here!

  • !! THIS IS CONFIRMED AS A 1.8 !!


    Cheers guys.

    I'm buying my first KLZE, after quite a wait…

    I wanted to run this past you guys. Need to know that this is the right engine, and ask is £550 delivered is a decent price: -


  • that's a 1.8 / k8 dude! Not worth half that! Unless he's running a k8 intake manifold on a ZE which would be retarded.

    Straight neck:

    Curved neck:

    You want to look for KL31 1a1 or kl31 101 on the heads. The last 1a1/101 is very important- that means ZE. Not that a DE is a bad engine. Buy freedoms hybrid lump ;)

  • i have a de ze hybrid fro sale
    all polished up which could be yours for cheaper than that !
    its all polished up too

  • Cheers Marco, the guy at Nippon is checking that he's sent the right pictures.

    I think half the people who've done the swap here have bought from them, so I trust they've got the right thing. Until now!

    If anyone's selling a KLZE, nows the time to tell me about it!

  • Hi Freedom - This is to go into an OBD2 MX3 as well, if it was an OBD1 swap I might go for the hybrid at this point. Engine hunting is starting to get old!

  • Hehe well it's even in a stock mx3! Yea nippon have sourced most on here I think. If you do think you're onto one, get them to take photos of the head codes, and if possible the numbers on the cams.

  • Yup, I asked for all that! I've been reassured that it's the right thing. My response was that if it ain't then it's on its way back with a bill for return delivery, and I've been told that's fine. Verbally.

  • it came out of an obd1
    has a de top end and a ze bottom end
    3 branch manifolds had an oil filter new cam belt and water pump 4 months before it ws tken out
    still in the car at presant
    had a rr figure of 180 summink a while back too
    theres a pic of the engine in my
    a sad day but bargains to be had thread
    cheers chris

  • Could I just put a curve neck KLZE IM on, and then I'd have a full ZE?
    According to the guy at Nippon you can't turn around in a scrapyard in Tokyo without falling over one of these IMs. I'd reckon FordProbeStore can sort me out quick with one.

    How come you ended up with the FrankenZE?

  • Right. So my seller is now saying that the pics are of a 1.6…. Oops.

    Anyone got a ZE knocking about?

  • Told yee :P

    You could try UK-poc. Tbh you'll probably struggle to find a better deal than chris/freedoms at the minute, even though it's not 100% ZE, it's still putting out great power. Can nippon not get a ZE for you at all then?

  • Well, we've had a recon from Dubai which fell through, a used engine in Birmingham which has ??? confusingly disappeared, and assorted phonecalls not returned from other suppliers. I've got an OBD2 swap planned, everything sat here waiting; stage 3 clutch, afpr, kl02 vaf, plugs, fluids, leads, blah blah. Even an OBD2 pc adaptor to get the codes to a laptop. Even have a mechanic lined up and agreed.

    I do need a good engine at the right price though, small problem.

    Last I heard from my contact at Nippon was that I was going to get a phonecall today asking for full payment, but he appears to have had some emergency, and ain't in. No-one else there knows about it.


  • thats no 1.6
    the 1.6 is a 4 cylinder lol
    its a k8 in those pics

  • James - You can see why I posted the question right?! I don't think the guy at Nippon is having a good Monday… Probably wait for the other guy to get back, which might be tomorrow, or who knows? :roll:

    Again, cheers for the help here guys.

  • no youd need the heads
    and i built it
    was told that the bottom end was a ze wen i got it
    and definately looked different to the one that was one there
    you would need heads and im and an ecu to make a full ze
    hope this helps

  • That's cool, but I have no idea whether it's compatible or not. I'm just going to have to wait for a ZE proper. Nippon have told me they can get me a recon, but I reckon it'll be a new order from Japan, so 6 weeks on the boat.

    No rush…. :roll:

  • could always turbo your k8 in the meantime ;)

  • yeh a turbo k8 on 6 psi boost can just about brake the 200 bhp mark

  • plus more torque, I think it'd whip a ZE alright.

  • My k8 blew on the motorway at speed. Seized. It was not fun. I need a new engine.



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