Air con removal

  • Hello all, bit of a dilemma really I've had the air con tested on Wes and its not working looks like the compressor has gone so i was thinking of removing it all together..not really bothered about having it as it saps power anyways..
    QUESTION.. how do i go about starting to remove it all and its necessary component's..
    Can someone put together for me a how to plz or guide me in the right direction..whats need to be pulled out or left in place etc…

    Thanks in advance..


  • oooo i will come do it for you and dispoe of it to ;)

  • I removed mine. Its not really a 5 minute job. I started removing the pipes, then the (condensor i think) can of drink shaped thing from the right hand side in front low down, then i cut the air con rad out using garden clippers!! Really the front needing taking of the car, as i was lucky i did not damage the normal rad.

    The pump you can simply remove and fit a shorter belt. It is very heavy too (and in front of the wheels), which I was pleased to get off my front end, as most of my weight removal was towards the rear.

    Not sure its any better in terms of power, but unless its scicological she seems to turn in a little better. Ill be tested her next week on the ring…

  • well here's a link to an A/C installation guide but maybe you could use it for the removal also? the pictures and diagrams obviously will be reversed since you have a RHD mx-3 but hopefully this will give you an idea of what's involved… it's really not too bad once you get started -


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