• I've decided its time to get rid of the gaps under my wheel arches that could house a family of refugees. I've seen sets of lowering springs for £80 what I need to know is does anyone know how this will affect the ride quality? I've heard stories that if you put lowering springs onto your standard shocks then the ride quality becomes terrible is this true? Would it be better to go the more expensive route and get a set that includes springs and pistons?

  • i dont know about the mx3, but i lowered my cavalier by 40mm and it cornered alot better but you could feel evry bumo in the road. plus it had 17s with 205 40 17 tyres. im not gonna lower my mx3 cos it can make your ride worse. mite be ok with original size wheels tho

  • will be more bumpy, but will handle okayish…

    Best bet would be to get shocks and springs as they are made to work together!

    if you take your standard shock, and put stiffer springs on them, they dont work in harmony leading to excessive shock wear...

    Go for a nice set of shocks and springs mate!


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