Decided to give the car some tlc,

  • well got board yesterday, after someone had stood on a cadburys cream egg and got it in the carpet, so ripped put the back seats anf boot carpet and got the floor carpet out,

    Found some cleaning fluid splashed abit on,an got the hose on the job what a difference that made my seats now look new carpet is clean as u like, also gave me the chance to clean bits of the trim around the hand-break up to,

    also i got some cream cleaner and wiped over the grey plastic trims where the top of the seat belt is bolted to, omg the cloth came away black, but the trims noe look amazing as well as the a pillare ones,

    :P :P :P

    any one elsegot any cleaning tips for inside the car which they have noticed makes one hell of a difference

  • usless without piccies


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