• Driving into work this morning, and got to about 2500rpm and the car seem to hesitate before moving through the revs.

    It got worse on the way home, the hesitations were longer and i struggled going up a slight hill in 4th gear at 50mph, when it flattened out i got a burst of power.

    I'm hoping a plugs change may sort it? please advise…

  • i sold mine due to this. i was told by mazda i was close to blowing her. revs would hold at 2500 at traffic lights then struggle to pull off clear and burst of power normal then same again.
    could been ecu. sensors 1 or alot more. so i thought bye bye

  • Check all the usual easy bits before spending money.

    Check your intake pipe for splits and all vacuum lines. Check your plugs and leads, disty cap and rotor arm.

    If all looks ok pull the fault codes and see if any show up.

    I gotta funny feeling though, it could be the ignitor in the disty on it's way out. Sounds like familiar symptoms your having.

    Best of luck

  • More than likely ignition related as Mikey says.

    Could be the dizzy breaking down or perished HT leads.

    If it feels like its only firing on 5 out of 6 cylinders i'd go for the leads 1st as they start to breakdown after 60,000 miles.

    Does it make a difference if its hot/cold etc? Wet weather also has an effect if the leads are stuffed.



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