Good News All

  • As per title all its good news ive managed to source a set of rear struts..even beter kyb's and at a bargin price also, 2x struts for £58 inc vat & del bargin i think…
    So now just got to fit them and im back on the road..
    Gave wes (as the good wife calls him) a good wax and polish looking a lot better now..

    Just one thing that i noticed though, my paint has like a sand paper texture to it very fine i might add but noticeable when polishing..
    Im not sure wether to g3 and mop wes or go with the clay bar method..your input and advice is welcome so feel free to add comments /discuss...
    Ive added a poll for your votes on this to help so plz make your choice of preference..


  • I've only used the G3, but the results of the clay bar look great.

    G3 and a mop might be easier though if those clay bar kits are all done by hand.


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