New to modding, advice required for small tune-up

  • Can anyone recommand a low pressure regulator (ajustable perfer) for 1.8 ?
    Do I need to chip the ECU to get the preformance?


  • @cbd09516c4=JC:

    Can anyone recommand a low pressure regulator (ajustable perfer) for 1.8 ?
    Do I need to chip the ECU to get the preformance?


    If your talking about a fuel pressure regulator then i wouldn't bother, in my experience a waste of time.

    Chipping the K8 ECU, i know nothing of this but i am sure someone will.

    Unless you went down megasquirt route.

    More power for K8, exhaust headers, de-cat, cold air filter, thermal insulators for manifold. etc etc…

  • What do you hope to get out of an adjustable fuel pressure regulator? I really doubt you'll get a noticeable difference, probably just end up running rich.

    If I still had a k8(1.8) and wanted more power I'd work on letting it breathe better, in order of cost:
    Decent panel filter or CAI
    Decat pipe
    SS headers and y pipe off ebay
    Cat back.

    All that maybe get you 20hp. If you want decent power turbo it or put a 2.5 klze/klde. Expect to spend 1k plus though.

  • Haha damn you mechanic!

  • @b0d3dab041=Marco:

    Haha damn you mechanic!

    :lol: Great minds think alike. :lol:

  • Thanks guys, guess I won't bother with the regulator. I've got the airfilter already, think I will look for exhaust header…etc now.

    As you haven't hear of anyone chip k8, any suggestion to improve low rev preformance (apart from swap gear) ? ps: I don't mind to lost some top end speed.


  • Unfortunatly not, they are pretty low geared any way. You just got to keep them spinning over. Dont be afraid of reving it, my K8 put up with alot of stick… Track days etc..

  • mine dayly driven between 4 - 6000 rpm lol
    just found out remaping / chiping k only gives a 8 bhp power gain so not worth it realy

  • Thanks, I will try to find out what can be done on the k8.
    cos at the moment in time I would like to keep the k8 engine.

  • get an under drive crank pully about the same difrance as a remap and a fraction of the price look for an mx6 one on ebay

  • Thanks, are they direct replacment?

  • you will have to do a litme bit og a mod to the engine grined back a but of melat round the crank but sfter that yeh its prity easy to do
    hears a link to the how to section tells you all about it

  • Thanks, I will look into it

  • Whats a header??

    Sorry in advance!

  • The 3 shiny metal tubes that combine to make the exhaust manifold = header. Generally a word reserved for exhaust manifolds with separate collector tubes.

  • I see, thanks for that marco.

  • have a set on mine already to go if u fancied
    still attched to a ze de hybrid if you fancied more
    i need rid soon as the car is being crushed
    so could be cheap

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