Power steering belt problem!

  • Hi all.

    Cam belt snapped and we all know the arguments as to wether it will be ok or spaghetti valve time.

    Anyway, I changed the cambelt, Aux belt, and alternator belt all in one go this weekend. All went fine except for one thing….the adjuster for the belt tensioner pulley on the powersteering/ A/C belt is totally stuck and far to slack. Also, to add to the problem I tried to move it with an air tool...so the end is now almost round. Yeah I know, good work.

    Anyone know how I can move it? or where I could get a new one instead, been looking this morning and can't seem to find one.
    Mole-grips won't budge it either.

  • did you slacken the pulley bolt first, before using the adjustment bolt?

  • I have taken the pulley off, but I may have turned the adjuster before I took the pulley off thinking about it. Although with the pully removed now it won't budge.

  • sometimes when the pulley's too tight you can't move the adjustment bolt. Try some WD40. If it was me, and had nothing to lose, I'd use the dremel cutting disc to cut a slot in the bolt and use a screwdriver.

  • I think this is way to tight for that. If I do that I reckon I will end up with only half a head left on it when it busts under the pressure.

    I was thinking of dremelling 2 sides to make them flat and get a better grip on it with a mole grip

  • ive got the same problem the bolt just rounded off, tried everyfthing so going to take it to a garage…

    these tensioners are so crap......

  • Yea you have to be so careful with them. When I had both mine in for the swap I dismantled mine, cleaned them and resassembled with lots of copper grease.

  • what need to be taken off to get the bottom tensioner off the car?

    I undid the 2 bolts that look to be holding it on, but it wouldn't budge.

    Where can I buy a new one in the UK?


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