Performance mods

  • I was just wondering what mods can be done to increase bhp, torque and just all round reliability and smooth running?
    I was thinking of getting a custom powerflow exhaust, dont know about manifold ideas would be much appreciated.
    Ignition leads, spark plugs, induction kit (probably a BMC CDA?) But after that im out of ideas and i dont even know if these suggestions will imporve the car a great deal?????
    Any help appreciated im a newbie. :wink:

  • ok, you ready
    thermo block spacers
    bigger throttle body,
    3 branch manifolds,
    a 2.5 engine conversion, pref ZE
    cold air induction kit
    performance exhaust system
    have all of these in mine and has been a fun ride

  • It'll be hard work getting the as into a 4cyl

    The best swap for you would be the bp from a 323. Failing that,
    exhaust, CAI, mx5 stage 2 cams, it's expensive to get the b6 faster.

    I got a probe manifold on mine, a bit of customizing but it's a good start, cheaper than getting someone to build one, think I paid £125 posted from the US.

  • I forgot to mention that im only 18 so i cant do anything drastic. thanks for the tips


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