Klze swap advice

  • Quite a few questions and some help needed guys.

    First off i want to do the swap into my 96 mx, i saw the post all about the obdII stuff, so all i need to do is get someone to program a custom ecu for me then yeah? ideas on price?

    does the engine drop straight in? no need forbrackets/mounts to be welded?

    Is it best to keep the 1.8 boxor change that aswell?

    Keep hearing about lightweight flywheels and performance clutches best place to get these?

    anything else that you would recomend?

    Trying to build a shopping list so i can price up the swap.

    on a seperate note anboby worked on an xr2i engine before?

    cheers guys

  • The impression I have is that if you want a KL-ZE in an OBD-II car then you'll need a stand-alone ECU like a mega-squirt etc…
    (I may be wrong but that's how I understand it)

  • I am hoping to get a MegaS Ecu soon…take a look here http://www.megasquirt.info/ :D looks like a good price.

    2.5 will drop right into an 1.8 bay...Check out the swap information..... :)


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