Piston slap!!

  • hey all…well ive had a slight knocking sound :? coming from what sounds like the top end off my v6...went to the garage and the guys there seem to think it could be a piston problem?...now what i need to know is can the work be done without taking the whole engine out...??and is it worth while seeings the work to re,bore and replace could cost over a £1.000 plus


  • doubtfull it piston slap as they're non interferece, BUT i've had this on a previous mx it the valv train the k8 engines dont like revving too high as the te retainers give greif!!

  • so if it the val train….am i still looking at the engine out? and will it still cost the earth ?

  • no just the head

  • so in saying the retainers you dont mean the value guides?

  • watch some hla treetment in and runn it for a week see if it gets beter

  • mmm…..just got back from mazda and its defo bottom end :cry: ....now looking for second hand engine...

  • i might be able to help where abuots are you ?

  • can ya not just replace the bearing shells or is the crank fooked?

  • @0538a65455=whytiespc:

    mmm…..just got back from mazda and its defo bottom end :cry: ....now looking for second hand engine...

    I have a K8 lump on a bench at work if you want the bottom end you can have it.. It was out of mine it ran like a dream..

  • ive been told it would be best just to get a second hand lump.rather than taking it out and stripping…and then replaceing ..

    im down on the sunny coast near worthing west sussex....i can get hold of an
    engine for 250 but it finding someone with the time to drop it in....any ideas on how long an engine swap would take? and how much it would cost...???

    or is there anyone out there that fancys doing it..?



  • im right down on south coast in dorchester dorset
    well should be 2 days to swap it all over eraly morning late night lol

  • well i did think that it couldnt be longer than 2 days….any ideas on cost? as not going to a frigging garage to get stung with 50 to 70 quid a hour!!!

  • 2 days LMAO!

    take of plugs and loom, disconnect from gearbox, unbolt engine mounts, take off bottom pulley if necessary, take engine out…..do the same in reverse to put the engine back in

    engine can be bolted in securely within a day, with just the odd bits to do....if you have an engine crane. could be done in less if you have an impact wrench handy

  • cheers for that ,at least that gives me an idea on time…;)

  • if ya have the tools your looking at 4 mabey 5 hours i dunno how ye lot work but if its just a replacement you unbolt the bottom of the wheel hub leaving the drives intact ypur engine mount bolts, wiring and coolant pipes and just left the fucker out????

  • Sounds about right to me rob. :D


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