Mikey's MX-3

  • Well here she is. This was taken a few days after I bought it, that was about 4 weeks ago so she is pretty much unchanged at the mo.

    It was given a respay about 6 months ago in the original blaze red so the body work on it is in mint condition. The interior is tidy, just a bit dusty from the respray! The previous owner had it done and then let it sit outside his pub for 6 months!

    When I got it the rear brakes were siezed, luckily only the pads were stuck in the carriers!

    It's gonna stay like this at the mo cos I used my savings to buy it, and I have to replace the money as it was meant for my house! The car was so good I had to raid my account to buy it! I will be doing some stuff as soon as I have the cash!

  • very nice fella, hello and welcome to the foum…

  • Cheers Rain maker!

    Here's some pics of my previous MX, soz about the pic quality. It was taken on an old camera phone about 4 years ago.

    This one was a 98 R reg.

    I did so some work to this one! Before I sold it, it has 16" TWS heats on it. A CAI, a stainless steel twin pipe back box made by Long life and a bannging sound system, which I still have to go in my new MX, which I've since added to as I put it in my Laguna.

  • very very nice car man strange that the rears siezed its usually the front!!!

  • looks nice

  • Cheers Rob

    Yea I was shocked it was the rears, glad the calipers were ok though as they cost more than the fronts!

  • Very clean car :) Could do with a good wax to deepen that red ;) The rears are keen to seizing due to the handbrake being left on for too long. A whack with a hammer on the lever usually sorts it out, shitsubishi manufactured them, say no more…

  • @c197198dec=Marco:

    shitsubishi manufactured them, say no more…

    :lol: :lol: For a jap manufacturer they are pretty cr@p! And I did originally want an FTO :shock:

    Yea I'm gonna get my mop and some G3 on it as I noticed some very fain scratches in it, looks like people have bean leaninig up against it or something. Then I'll give it a good was with some colour magic once done. Should make it shine nice and bright! :D


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