Bonnet lifters

  • Hi, I was looking at some of the earlier chats and there was talk about bonnet lifters. So far looking through ebay I haven't come across any mx3 lifters, would lifters for an mx5 fit or maybe some other make/model. I might just measure up am mx5 bonnet and bay to see if the 5 would fit. If you have any ideas I would appreciate your input. Thanks

  • I know some skirt lifters…. lol

  • Guessing your on abour rasing the back of the bonnet a little bit, use washers dude, cheap option. or cut some sleeves from steel/ali pipe.

  • I hope/think he means bonnet lifting struts. I'm not aware of any direct fit, but shouldn't be that hard to custom fit. Must get some myself sometime.

  • Marco, spot on, its the bonnet lifting struts I was on about. Just thought it would be an easy mod to do, but proving a little more awkward than first thought. I think I'll park the idea for now but not give up completely :cry:

  • that rased back thing allways looks like the cars bit hit
    i want lifter struts as well


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