ECU Unit

  • Hello all, Quick question would a 92 V6 ECU work on my 94 SE V6? Are all the plugs the same?

  • probably check both OBDI with 3 yellow plugs, so if it were me I'd say yea, but I couldn't say for sure as I'm not 100%

  • Hi,

    As Marco said, check if it's ODBI or ODBII

    ODBI has three yellow plugs going into the ECU, ODBII has four grey plugs. Should be albe to tell by looking at the ECU if it has 3 or 4 plug inputs.

    If both the same it should work.

    They changed them on cars built around 94 - 95 I think! But just cos your car is registered in 94 doesn't really mean it was built in 94.

    Question to anyone else, any ideas how you tell the model year by the VIN??


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