HOW TO - Pull ABS Codes

  • Here's a quick how to pull ABS codes, as I just about found this on probetalk and searched a LONG time to find it! Do this if your ABS (car skidding) light wont go away.

    1. Connect a jumper wire in the diagnostics box from TBS(Test Brake System) to GND terminals.
    2. Connect LED+ to FBS (Fault:Braking System) terminal and LED- to a GND, there are 2 GNDs on the diagnostics box, or any ground will do.
    3. Turn key to ON

    You are meant to use an analog voltmeter, but I found it lit an LED sufficiently.
    Long flashes = tens
    Short flashes = ones

    Code List
    11 Right front wheel speed sensor or rotor
    12 Left front wheel speed sensor or rotor
    13 Right rear wheel speed sensor or rotor
    14 Left rear wheel speed sensor or rotor
    15 Wheel speed sensor
    22 Hydraulic unit harness
    51 Fail-safe relay
    53 Motor or motor relay
    61 ABS control unit

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