Pacesetter Cat Back

  • Anyone know where i could get a Pacesetter cat back exhaust for as cheap as possible??!!

  • USA only I think. Cheaper and better for custom job probably :( Pacesetter are meant to be pretty crap anyway for the cat back.

  • I made my exhaust took bout 3 1/2 hours. Downpipe back 2.5 inch, straight through silencers. Only cost £200. Good results +++

  • hmmm!

    would you consider making one for myself?? a cat back as far as the backbox, no silencer, 2 1/4 inch??

    and how much??!!

  • I will write you a list of the parts i ordered and the company from whom i got it from, everything will be in the kit to do the job. If you buy the parts any welder would be able to make it up for you in a few hours for no more than say £100 so for around say £300 you can have a good quality custom exhaust system.


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