Water pump,help

  • i have a L reg mx3 1.8 v6, i need to change the water pump, so i guess i need to change the belt and tensioner maybe, do i need the 16 spigot or 32 spigot and wheres a good place to buy them, a kit maybe…

    thanks for your help guys!

  • I think probestore sell them

  • Yea fordprobestore ftw. If you ask Mark using the contact he'll probably be able to tell which waterpump you need, one is far more common than the other. You actually don't HAVE to take the timing belt off, but it is a good bit easier. What mileage are you at? Probably sensible to replace the pulleys, tensioners and belt whilst you're at it. Fordprobestore sells a few kits, my blueprint kit has been faultless so far.

  • the cars on 140,000 miles, i want to do this on the cheap, its 1993 l reg, belt tensioner etc would be too much, i could get a pump off my klde and just use gasket paper and sealent maybe, dodgy ?

  • :lol: you know it's dodgy! What's a waterpump, like £35? If it wasn't so much hassle it wouldn't be so bad, but all that effort with a chance of failure isn't good! Why don't you just put your DE in? Does it have other problems?

  • I've got a practically brand new water pump - was fitted a few months ago just before I took the 3 off the road, and it's only done 20 or so miles if that.


  • the de needs to be forged, etc and im at uni so rent has priority over pistons lol


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