Calliper bleed nipples

  • Hi All,

    I have a 1996 V6. I was wondering, does anyone know the thread sizes of the calliper bleed nipples front and rear? I have disks all round on mine.

    I was bleeding my brakes and doing some maintenance as I had just bought the car after it had been stood for 5 months. I managed to round off one of the bleed nipples on the rear callipers and wanted to replace the lot with nice new ones :)

    My motor factor wasn't able to give me any specific for the MX but said if I could find the thread size he should be able to match some up.

    Any help would be great.


  • ahhh that happened to me too. I think they're quite small, like 6mm not sure of the thread pitch, but I ended up going to Mazda to buy them as no parts stores were any use. The proper brakes spanner helps avoid that happening again.

  • Hi Marco, any ideas how much they were from Mazda, hate going to main stealers as most are a rip off.

    All I know at the mo is the nut size on them is 8mm :oops:

    Managed to round them off as they were very coroded, lucky they didn't snap I guess. I soaked them in WD40 and gave them a going over with a wire brush. Managed to loosen them ok with a socket, but as I was bleeding the brakes, constant undoing and tightening the spanner I was using slipped (just a normal open ended one) and rounded the bloody thing! Luckily it was when doing it back up.

    I did get a bit of usefull info from another forum I post on about thread sizes, so I'll share with you all incase it might be usefull to some one.

    Basicly to get the thread diameter measure it with a vernier calliper in MM (obvious I know :wink: )

    7mm = M7 8mm = M8 ect ect!

    To find the pitch measure the distancce between 2 tips of threads. Not perfect but will give you a rough idea, so iff the distance is 1mm, the pitch is 1 eg M7 1, 1.25mm would be M7 1.25 and so on.

    Here is a handy table too

    Once I've measured my bleed nipples and got replacements I'll post my results as to what sizes.

  • I pulled my bleed niplles out on the weekend to measure.

    Looks like they are 7mm diameter and approx 1mm pitch.

    A freind of mine is digging out load of spares he has for various different cars, so one I know I'll let you all know what will fit.

  • Hi Mikey,

    I have the same problem with my bleed nipples. Mine are rusted on though too. Did you find out what kind of cars you can get replacements from? After changing my pads I now have the worlds fluffiest breaks so im a bit of a danger on the road until I can get them bled!

  • Hi Lanu,

    I never did get around to changing them as my friend never sent me the ones to try. I still have to old ones in.

    As Marco said Mazda is you best bet for replacements that will fit.

    There are plenty of website out there that sell nipples anyway. A set of speed bleeders would be your best bet as they make bleading the brakes very easy. Just open up the nipple, attach a tube and pump away! JD!
    As I said in another post they are 7mm Diameter and approx 1mm pitch so you should be able to find plenty that will fit.

    I've found something here for the speed bleeder sizes for the MX

    And a site that will sell them, the size you want will be M8 1.0, although as I approximatly measured the pitch it could be M8 1.25

    To get mine off I soaked them in WD40, gave them a good wire brush and then used a 6 point 8mm socket to loosen before I started to bleed the brakes. If due to the rust an 8mm is slightly too big, try tapping a 7mm on, use a 6 point socket though not a 12 point one or a spanner. The 6 points will give a nice tight fit and stop it slipping. You shouldn't need much force to get them to undo.

    Be carefull though as you'll have a nightmare if they snap. You'll either have to carefully drill out the old ones if they snap or buy new calipers. If a good soaking of WD is no good try heating them a bit with a blow torch.

  • Good man!,

    Thanks Mikey. I'll let you know how it goes. How did you soak them? Did you take the whole caliper off and leave in in WD40 or did you just spray it on? Also, it seems that according to, we need M8 x 1.0 for the front, and M7 x 1.0 for the back. The M7's seem easy to come by, but the M8's are all x 1.25. That means I wont be able to fit them wont it? Or do you think I can get away with a slightly longer pitch?

  • I soaked them with the calipers still on the car, didn't take much really, but depends how bad yours are. Mine weren't too bad TBH. All were missing the rubber dust covers though too and the car had been stood for about 6 months prior to me buying it. Rear calipers were sized when i got the car but I managed to work them loose and they're still fine now.

    With the pitch you'll need the right one other wise they won't screw in. They'll just lock in place and you'll end up stipping the thread on either the caliper or nipple. Strange why that site lists M7 rear and M8 front. I thought the were all the same, never mind next time I'll measure all 4 just to be certain!

    Just to be safe get the M7 1.0 for the rears and see if they fit in the front, if they do you're onto a winner and can order 2 more.


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