Faulty Fuel Dial Sensor not reading?!…...

  • Hi please can anyone advise,

    A year ago I visited a relative and drove down a hill to park up the underneath of my car scrapped the underneath! I was gutted. On my return home my petrol sensor was up and down all the way, then it rose infrequemtly, then after that journey when I turned her over again I was unable to get a reading. Its been that way ever since. Ive replaced the fuel sensor and fuel pump but still no cgange in the reading.

    Im considering replacing the instrument dials with a second hand braekers but agin unsure if this will solve the problem. Does anyone have any similar expieriences and do they know a way to fault find this problem without stripping it down inside?

    Many Thanks, Jon.

  • have u dented the fuel tank!!!!
    but the senders on the cars float so their is always a bit of give in it,


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