Jamesmx3 - 1.6 B6DE

  • take 2

    SO i paid £1500 for this car in Jan '07, it had 78000 on the clocks, totally standard.

    Mods so far: (in order i think?)

    Ebay CAI (Cold Air Intake)
    Pioneer TSA series speakers all round and pioneer head unit
    polished cam cover/IM/Heat shield
    S/S power flow cat back exhaust
    S/S engine bolt kit
    Front strut brace
    Earth Cable kit
    Kerr nelson HT leads
    wolfrace triad alloys with 17/40/205 tyres
    Ford probe 2.0l manifold and down pipe
    Magnaflow high flow cat
    Ford escort ZX2 struts, with lesjofours -45mm springs
    rear strut brace
    leather interior, minus door panels

    a couple of pictures of how it started life:

    with CAI

    As it is now:

    Planned mods are:

    Braided brake lines (waiting to be fitted)
    Jap style rear Bumper
    PU suspension bushing
    grooved discs
    silicone hoses

  • coming along nicely

  • Looking good.

    I noticed you have ford escort struts, Is the american ford escort anything like the UK one?

    I've always just assumed that it can't be but never bothered finding out.
    Or we would all be running UK Ford Escort Coilovers or aftermarket suspension.

    Have you sourced any polly bushes yet? I'm after some this week. I've heard there is no kit but some of their universal ones will fit in places?

  • thanks :D

    the US escort is this one:


    they call it a ZX2, the ZX3 though is the original Focus. I looked at my mates UK escort and the struts are totally different, I say totally but it's the top mounts really.

    The poly bushes I'm thinking of are part of a group buy from mx-3.com


    Its a massive thread, there's loads of info on the development of them but the main bit:

    they should cost $370 Canadian plus post, but more people that get them the cheaper they are!

    dont think you'll have them this week though

  • put on some new rear calipers at the weekend as one was fooked, at the same time i decided I'd put on some s/s brake lines too, bled the system through with DOT 5.1 fluid and its so sharp now. :D

    Bit gutted though my new discs didn't make it yet, got some zinc coated grooved discs, but they're not here :(

  • Good stuff, did you get the goodridge brakelines? Did the rears have the flange to mount onto the shock?


    Bit gutted though my new discs didn't make it yet, got some zinc coated grooved discs, but they're not here :(

    I hate that, you know it makes sense to wait, but I can never resist!

  • Yeah i got the Goodridge ones, I did the rears first assuming all four had the shock mount, gutted when i got to the fronts!

    I pulled the old mounts from the old hoses, but couldn't get the Goodridge ones apart to fit them on.

    did you have the problem getting the hoses to fit to the solid pipe on the car? On mine the nuts wouldn't go through the holes as the originals were half rounded unlike the full hexagonal new ones! Grrrrr!!

  • Got my BP engine today!!

    it needs a new o-ring on the disty, but that'll get sorted when I strip it and rebuild.

  • Thats cool i bet your real excited. Is that an R6 in the pic?

  • I recently joined the RS club, just bought RSROADKILLA's old car.

    Think i'm going to put my ZE into it, over xmas holls.

    How come you didn't go for a ZE or BPT? Just to keep it straight forward?

    Which side of Preston are you on? Your not that far from me, about 50 mins or so.

    Is the IM the same? if not how much for your old one?

    Was the probe header and downpipe a direct fit?

  • yeh its my r6 in the pic, i'll be selling it soon though

    from what I've read, to put in a ze would mean getting a donar car, so its not really practical. And yeh I wanted to keep it simple, probably going to get the ecu and wiring loom for the BP, then just need to splice in the clocks.

    not sure on the IM it looks a little different, so sure you could take mine when im done. it won't be soon though!

    check out the 'how to' section for the write up on the probe stuff, i ended up taking mine to power flow because there are a few bends in the down pipe, that end up rubbing

    ill pm you the pics cos their gone when ive cleaned up my photobucket

    Would you or anybody be able to give me a hand with the swap?? if you're close(ish), cash or beers?? oh yeh im north side, actually garstang, between lancaster and preston.

  • Do you have all tools needed?
    An engine hoist?
    Set of axel stands or access to a 4 poster lift?
    Access to a garage or workshop?
    When are you looking to do it?

    Getting the engine ready to go in usually takes longer than swapping it, so i'd get all this prepped before doing the swap.

    • cleaning it
    • painting it
    • swapping any bits to make one good engine out of the two
    • do you need to do anything with the EGR for it to fit?
    • put in new waterpump
    • new cambelt
    • new clutch
    • new thermostat

    Got any links to people who have done this swap before, to seewhats involved?

  • The plan was to strip the engine, paint and rebuild with new gaskets cam belt ect, here I have a single garage and plenty of tools, my dad has a big workshop, was maybe gonna do the engine up here, then transport it to his to fit it indoors.

    I don't have a hoist yet, but planning on a stand and then might hire the hoist nearer the time. Not sure on a time scale at the mo, depends how I get on with the rebuild.

    There's plenty of info on the .com site, from what I've read if I use the new engines wiring and ecu it's basicly a straight swap, with a spliced for the clocks/dash plug.

  • Give me a shout when your ready to do the swap and I'll see what i'm up to at the time.

    Have you swapped any engines before?

  • Cheers, I've never done a swap before, I did strip and rebuild an engine from my fiesta, but used all the old parts cos it was going to scrap, it did run again tho!! I work as a mechanical/electrical fitter, so I can use the tools, just thought I'd be better off with some help.

    Got my engine stand today, going to hire a hoist on Saturday to lift it on.

  • exciting stuff! I ended up buying a hoist, £90 to hire from HSS for a weekend… £115 to buy HMMM! Damn I want to help, they need a bridge from here to there...

  • haha, my local hire place is £23 per day or £30 for the weekend, im hoping to get it just twice, once this week, then to get it off the lift and then hopfully get the engine in that same weekend.

    to get the engine on the stand, do I use the mounts for the alt, pas pump, ect? just looking at it, they seem the most obvious places am i being silly tho??


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