Engine Mod Up input for MAZDA AZ3

  • Hi there. Im interested to know what effective tune ups, or eggine modifications other members have applied that they found worth while.

    Ive just bought new ignition system, HT leads, new pipecross panel filter, engine breather, Engine Strut Brace, am looking to put in an aluminuim radiater to improve engine cooling & weight reeduction, along with a new carbon fibre hood, when finances allow. Does anyone have any further ideas for modifying my engine for fast road use.

    I am very eager to upgrade my cams but cannot find a company who manifacture camshafts for my AZ3 Import. Any ideas for where, or what brand supply these if at all?!

    Thank you; AZ3_AUTOZAM

  • There are cams available for most, what engine you got? k8 or b6 or z5?


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